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Study Aids

Study aid materials available at the Warren E. Burger Library

About the Understanding Series

Understanding Series titles are less comprehensive than Hornbooks, but still provide a thorough overview of the law.

Understanding Series, A-Z

Understanding administrative law / William F. Fox

Seventh edition - Reserve KF5402 .F69 2022

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF5402 .F69 2012

Understanding alternative dispute resolution / Kristen M. Blankley, Maureen A. Weston

Reserve K2390 .B53 2017

Understanding animal law / Adam P. Karp

Reserve KF390.5.A5 K37 2016

Understanding antitrust and its economic implications / E. Thomas Sullivan, Jeffrey L. Harrison

Seventh edition - Reserve KF1649 .S89 2019

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF1649 .S89 2014

Understanding bankruptcy / Jeff Ferriell, Edward J. Janger

Third edition - Lower Level KF1524 .F47 2013

Understanding capital punishment law / Linda E. Carter, Ellen S. Kreitzberg, Scott W. Howe

Fourth edition - Reserve KF9227.C2 C37 2018

Third edition - Lower Level KF9227.C2 C37 2012

Understanding civil procedure / Gene R. Shreve, Peter Raven-Hansen, Charles Gardner Geyh

Sixth edition - Reserve KF8840 .S57 2019

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF8840 .S57 2013

Understanding civil rights litigation / Howard M. Wasserman

Second edition - Reserve KF4749 .W38 2018

First edition - Lower Level KF4749 .W38 2013

Understanding conflict of laws / William M. Richman, William L. Reynolds, Christopher A. Whytock

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF411 .R52 2013

Understanding constitutional law / William D. Araiza

Fifth edition - Reserve KF4550 .A87 2020

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF4550 .A87 2012

Understanding contracts / Jeffrey Ferriell

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF801 .F47 2023

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF801 .F47 2018

Understanding copyright law / Marshall A. Leaffer

Seventh edition - Reserve KF2994 .L43 2019

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF2994 .L43 2014

Understanding corporate law / Arthur R. Pinto, Douglas M. Branson

Fifth edition - Reserve KF1414 .P563 2018

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF1414 .P563 2013

Understanding corporate taxation / Leandra Lederman

Fourth edition - Reserve KF6464.L43 2020

Understanding criminal law / Joshua Dressler

Ninth edition - Reserve KF9219 .D74 2022

Eighth edition - Lower Level KF9219 .D74 2018

Understanding criminal procedure. Vol. 1, Investigation / Joshua Dressler, Alan C. Michaels

Seventh edition - Reserve KF9619 .D74 2017

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF9619 .D74 2013

Understanding criminal procedure. Vol. 2, Adjudication / Joshua Dressler, Alan C. Michaels

Fourth edition - Reserve KF9619 .D742 2006

Understanding disability law / Mark C. Weber

Third edition - Reserve KF480 .W434 2019

Second edition - Lower Level KF480 .W434 2011

Understanding election law and voting rights / Michael R. Dimino, Bradley A. Smith, Michael E. Solimine

Reserve KF4886 .D548 2017

Understanding employee benefits law / Kathryn L. Moore

Second edition - Reserve KF3509 .M66 2020

First edition - Lower Level KF3509 .M66 2015

Understanding employment discrimination law / Thomas R. Haggard, Bruce N. Cameron

Third edition - Reserve KF3464 .H34 2021

Second edition - Lower Level KF3464 .H34 2008

Understanding employment law / Jeffrey M. Hirsch, Paul M. Secunda, Richard A. Bales

Third edition - Reserve KF3455 .H57 2019

Second edition - Lower Level KF3455 .H57 2013

Understanding environmental law / Philip Weinberg, Kevin A. Reilly

Fourth edition - Reserve KF3775 .W45 2023

Third edition - Lower Level KF3775 .W45 2013

Understanding estate and gift taxation / Brant J. Hellwig, Robert T. Danforth

Second edition - Reserve KF6572 .H45 2019

First edition - Lower Level KF6572 .H45 2015

Understanding evidence / Paul C. Giannelli

Fifth edition - Reserve KF8935 .G52 2018

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF8935 .G52 2013

Understanding family law / John DeWitt Gregory, Peter Nash Swisher, Robin Fretwell Wilson

Fourth edition - Reserve KF505 .G734 2013

Third edition - Lower Level KF505 .G734 2005

Understanding federal courts and jurisdiction / Linda Mullenix, Martin Redish, Georgene Vairo

Second edition - Reserve KF8719 .M85 2015

Understanding federal income taxation / J. Martin Burke, Michael K. Friel

Sixth edition - Reserve KF6369 .B87 2019

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF6369 .B87 2016

Understanding immigration law / Kevin R. Johnson, Raquel Aldana, Bill Ong Hing, Leticia M. Saucedo, Enid Trucios-Haynes

Third edition - Reserve KF4819 .U53 2019

Second edition - Lower Level KF4819 .U53 2015

Understanding insurance law / Robert H. Jerry II, Douglas R. Richmond

Sixth edition - Reserve KF1164 .J47 2018

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF1164 .J47 2012

Understanding intellectual property law / by Tyler T. Ochoa, Shubha Ghosh, Mary LaFrance

Fourth edition - Reserve KF2979 .C478 2020

Third edition - Lower Level KF2979 .C478 2015

Understanding international business and financial transactions / Jerold A. Friedland

Fourth edition - Reserve KF390.B8 F74 2014

Understanding international criminal law / Ellen S. Podgor, Roger S. Clark

Third edition - Lower Level K5015.4 .P63 2013

Understanding international law / Stephen C. McCaffrey

Third edition - Reserve KZ3410 .M39 2021

Second edition - Lower Level KZ3410 .M39 2015

Understanding Islamic law (Sharia) / Raj Bhala

Second edition - Reserve KBP144 .B43 2016

Understanding Jewish law / Steven H. Resnicoff

Second edition - Reserve KBM524 .R47 2019

First edition - Lower Level KBM524 .R47 2012

Understanding juvenile law / Martin R. Gardner

Fifth edition - Reserve KF9779 .G37 2018

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF9779 .G37 2014

Understanding labor law / Douglas E. Ray, Calvin William Sharpe, Robert N. Strassfeld

Fifth edition - Reserve KF3319 .R39 2019

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF3319 .R39 2014

Understanding lawyers' ethics / Monroe H. Freedman, Abbe Smith

Fifth edition - Reserve KF306 .F76 2016

Understanding local government / Sandra M. Stevenson

Second edition - Reserve KF5300 .S74 2009

Understanding modern real estate transactions / Alex M. Johnson, Jr

Third edition - Reserve KF570 .J645 2012

First edition - Lower Level KF570 .J645 2001

Understanding negotiable instruments and payment systems / William H. Lawrence

Second edition - Reserve KF957 .L394 2019

Understanding nonprofit and tax exempt organizations / Nicholas P. Cafardi, Jaclyn Fabean Cherry

Third edition - Reserve KF6449 .C34 2022

Second edition - Lower Level KF6449 .C34 2012

Understanding partnership and LLC taxation / Jerold Friedland

Fourth edition - Reserve KF6452 .F74 2017

Third edition - Lower Level KF6452 .F74 2012

Understanding patent law / Amy L. Landers

Third edition - Reserve KF3114 .L36 2018

Second edition - Lower Level KF3114 .L36 2012

Understanding products liability law / Bruce L. Ottley, Rogelio A. Lasso

Second edition - Lower Level KF1296 .088 2013

Understanding property law / John G. Sprankling

Fifth edition - Reserve KF561 .S67 2023

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF561 .S67 2017

Understanding remedies / James M. Fischer

Fourth edition - Reserve KF9010 .F57 2021

Third edition - Lower Level KF9010 .F57 2014

Understanding sales and leases of goods / William H. Henning, William H. Lawrence, Henry Deeb Gabriel

Third edition - Reserve KF915 .L395 2016

Understanding secured transactions / William H. Lawrence, William H. Henning, R. Wilson Freyermuth

Fifth edition - Reserve KF1050 .L38 2012

Understanding securities law / Marc I. Steinberg

Seventh edition - Reserve KF1440 .S74 2018

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF1440 .S74 2014

Understanding sports law / Timothy Davis, N. Jeremi Duru

First edition - Reserve KF3989 .D38 2023

Understanding taxation of business entities / Walter D. Schwidetzky, Fred B. Brown

Second edition - Reserve KF6450 .S38 2021

First edition - Lower Level KF6450 .S38 2015

Understanding the First Amendment / Russell L. Weaver

Eighth edition - Reserve KF4770 .W43 2023

Seventh edition - Lower KF4770 .W43 2020

Understanding the law of terrorism / Erik Luna, Wayne McCormack

Second edition - Reserve KF9430 .L86 2015

Understanding the law of zoning and land use controls / Barlow Burke

Third edition - Lower Level KF5698 .B87 2013

Understanding torts / John L. Diamond, Lawrence C. Levine, Anita Bernstein

Sixth edition - Reserve KF1250 .D52 2018

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF1250 .D52 2013

Understanding trade secret law / John G. Sprankling

First edition - Reserve KF3197 .S67 2020

Understanding trademark law / Mary LaFrance

Fourth edition - Reserve KF3180.L34 2020

Understanding trusts and estates / Roger W. Andersen, Susan N. Gary

Seventh edition - Reserve KF730 .A86 2023

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF730 .A86 2018

Understanding white collar crime / J. Kelly Strader, Todd Haugh

Fifth edition - Reserve KF9350 .S77 2023

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF9350 .S77 2017