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Study Aids

Study aid materials available at the Warren E. Burger Library

Study Aids

The Library collects several series of study aids ranging in scope from comprehensive treatises to compact outlines of the law.

Acing Law School Series

The Acing Law School Series presents information in a checklist format to help students evaluate legal issues.

Concise Hornbook Series

Concise Hornbooks are simplified versions of Hornbooks featuring concise analyses of basic areas of law by prominent legal scholars.

Examples & Explanations Series

The Examples & Explanations series provides introductions to legal concepts followed by realistic hypotheticals that mirror those presented in the classroom throughout the semester.


Hornbooks are comprehensive scholarly treatises offering the most in-depth treatment of an area of law of any study aid.

Mastering Series

Mastering Series titles are easy to read outlines of the law. Each chapter begins with a roadmap that gives an overview of the materials and ends with a checkpoint list that reiterates key points.


Nutshells are compact guides that provide a succinct overview of a particular area of the law with an emphasis on key cases and statutes.

Short & Happy Law Series

The Short and Happy Guides provide a concise (hence "Short") overview of fundamental aspects of the law, but present the information in an accessible, somewhat quirky manner (hence "Happy").

Understanding Series

Understanding Series titles are less comprehensive than Hornbooks, but still provide a thorough overview of the law.