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Study Aids

Study aid materials available at the Warren E. Burger Library

About Hornbooks

Hornbooks are comprehensive scholarly treatises offering the most in-depth treatment of an area of law of any study aid.

Hornbooks, A-K

Administrative law / Alfred C. Aman, Jr., William T. Mayton

Third edition - Reserve KF5402 .A8 2014

Second edition - Lower Level KF5402 .A8 2001

Admiralty and maritime law / Thomas J. Schoenbaum

Sixth edition - Reserve KF1104 .S36 2019

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF1104 .S36 2012

Alternative dispute resolution / Stephen J. Ware

Lower Level KF9084 .W367 2001

Bank regulation / Michael P. Malloy

Lower Level KF974 .M358 1999

Basic principles of tort law / Marshall S. Shapo

Lower Level KF1250 .S52 1999

Basic text on labor law : unionization and collective bargaining / Robert A. Gorman, Matthew W. Finkin

Second edition - Reserve KF3389 .G67 2004

Business organizations law / James D. Cox and Thomas Lee Hazen

Fifth edition - Reserve KF1414 .C678 2020

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF1414 .C678 2016

Calamari and Perillo on contracts / Joseph M. Perillo

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF801 .C26 2009

Civil procedure / Jack H. Friedenthal, Mary Kay Kane, Arthur R. Miller

Sixth edition - Reserve KF8840 .F72 2021

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF8840 .F72 2015

Civil rights law and practice / Harold S. Lewis, Jr. and Elizabeth J. Norman

Second edition - Lower Level KF4749 .L495 2004

First edition - Lower Level KF4749 .L495 2001

Comparative commercial contracts : law, culture and economic development / Boris Kozolchyk

Second edition - Reserve K1005 .K69 2019

First edition - Lower Level K1005 .K69 2014

Conflict of laws / Peter Hay, Patrick J. Borchers, Symeon C. Symeonides, Christopher A. Whytock

Sixth edition - Reserve KF411 .S28 2018

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF411 .S28 2010

Constitutional law / John E. Nowak, Ronald D. Rotunda

Eighth edition - Reserve KF4550 .N69 2010

Seventh edition - Lower Level KF4550 .N69 2004

Contracts / Joseph M. Perillo

Seventh edition - Reserve and Lower Level KF801 .C26 2014

Corporate finance / Jeffrey J. Haas

Second edition - Reserve KF1428 .H328 2021

First edition - Lower Level KF1428 .H328 2014

Corporate income taxation / Douglas A. Kahn ... [et al.]

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF6464 .K28 2009

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF6464 .K28 2001

Corporation law / Franklin A. Gevurtz

Second edition - Lower Level KF1414 .G49 2010

First edition - Lower Level KF1414 .G49 2000

Criminal law / Wayne R. LaFave

Sixth edition - Reserve KF9219 .L38 2017

Fifth edition, student edition - Lower Level KF9219 .L38 2010

Criminal procedure / Wayne R. LaFave ... [et al.]

Sixth edition - Reserve KF9619 .L343 2017

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF9619 .L343 2009

Cybersecurity Law / Michael S. Mireles, Jack L. Hobaugh, Jr.

Reserve KF1263.C65 .M56 20022

Disability civil rights law and policy / Peter Blanck ... [et al.]

Lower Level KF480 .D56 2004

Domestic violence law / D. Kelly Weisberg

Reserve KF9322 .W45 2019

Employment discrimination law and practice / Harold S. Lewis, Jr. and Elizabeth J. Norman

Second edition - Lower Level KF3464 .L487 2004

First edition - Lower Level KF3464 .L487 2001

Employment law / Mark A. Rothstein, general editor

Sixth edition - Reserve KF3455 .E468 2019

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF3455 .E468 2015

Evidence law : a student's guide to the law of evidence as applied in American trials / Roger C. Park ... [et al.]

Fifth edition - Reserve KF8935 .P368 2022

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF8935 .P368 2018

Federal antitrust policy : the law of competition and its practice / Herbert Hovenkamp

Sixth edition - Reserve KF1649 .H67 2020

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF1649 .H67 2016

Federal income taxation of individuals : with diagrams for easy understanding of the leading cases and concepts / Daniel Q. Posin

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF6369 .P67 2000

Federal Indian law / Matthew L. M. Fletcher

Reserve and Lower Level KF8205 .F534 2016

Global Internet law / Michael L. Rustad

Fourth edition - Reserve K564.C6 R87 2021

Third edition - Lower Level K564.C6 R87 2020

Handbook of local government law / Osborne M. Reynolds, Jr

Second edition - Lower Level KF5300 .R49 2001

Health law / Barry R. Furrow ... [et al.]

Third edition - Reserve KF3821 .H42 2015

Second edition - Lower Level KF3821 .H42 2000

Hemingway oil and gas law and taxation

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF1849 .H44 2004

Hornbook on torts / Dan B. Dobbs, Paul T. Hayden, Ellen M. Bublick

Second edition - Reserve KF1250 .D63 2016

Insurance law : a guide to fundamental principles, legal doctrines, and commercial practices / Robert E. Keeton, Alan I. Widiss, James M. Fischer

Second edition - Reserve KF1164 .K376 2017

Intellectual property : the law of copyrights, patents, and trademarks / Roger E. Schechter, John R. Thomas

Reserve KF2979 .S34 2003

International business transactions / Ralph H. Folsom, Michael Wallace Gordon, John A. Spanogle, Jr

Second edition - Lower Level KF1976 .F64 2001

Introduction to the law of real property : an historical background of the common law of real property and its modern application / Cornelius J. Moynihan, Sheldon F. Kurtz

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF570 .M6 2005

Hornbooks, L-Z

Land use planning and development regulation law / Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer, Thomas E. Roberts, Patricia E. Salkin, Ryan Max Roweberry

Fourth edition - Reserve KF5692 .J842 2018

Third edition - Lower Level KF5692 .J842 2013

Law of bankruptcy / Charles Jordan Tabb

Fifth edition - Reserve KF1524 .T33 2020

Lower Level - Reserve KF1524 .T33 2016

Law of federal courts / Charles Alan Wright, Mary Kay Kane

Eighth edition - Reserve KF8840 .W7 2017

Seventh edition - Lower Level KF8840 .W7 2011

Law of property / Dale A. Whitman, Ann M. Burkhart, R. Wilson Freyermuth, Troy A. Rule

Fourth edition - Reserve KF570 .C86 2019

Law of remedies : damages, equity, restitution / Dan B. Dobbs, Caprice L. Roberts

Third edition - Reserve KF9010 .D6 2018

Legal ethics, professional responsibility, and the legal profession / Gregory C. Sisk, Susan Saab Fortney, Charles Gardner Geyh, Neil W. Hamilton, William D. Henderson, Vincent R. Johnson, Katherine R. Kruse, Stephen L. Pepper, Melissa H. Weresh

Reserve KF306 .S57 2018

Legal writing style / Antonio Gidi

Third edition - Lower Level KF250 .W4 2018

Litigation with the federal government / Gregory C. Sisk

Reserve KF9065 .S57 2016

Local government law / Osborne M. Reynolds

Fifth edition - Reserve KF5300 .R49 2019

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF5300 .R49 2015

McCormick on evidence / Kenneth S. Broun, general editor contributing authors, George E. Dix ... [et al.]

Eighth edition - Reserve KF8935.M29 2020

Seventh edition - Lower Level KF8935 .M29 2014

Mergers and acquisitions law / Franklin A. Gevurtz, Christina M. Sautter

Reserve KF1477 .G48 2019

Modern communication law / Harvey L. Zuckman ... [et al.]

Student edition - Reserve KF2765 .M63 1999

Moynihan's introduction to the law of real property : an historical background of the common law of real property and its modern application / Sheldon F. Kurtz

Seventh edition - Reserve KF570.M6 2020

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF570 .M6 2015

Natural resources law / Jan G. Laitos, Sandra B. Zellmer

Reserve KF5505 .L352 2015

New York practice / David D. Siegel

Sixth edition, Student edition - Reserve KFN5995 .S53 2018

Fourth edition, Student edition - Lower Level KFN5995 .S53 2005

Oil and gas law and taxation : a revision of Hemingway / Owen L. Anderson, John S. Dzienkowski, John S. Lowe, Robert J. Peroni, David E. Pierce, Ernest E. Smith

Reserve KF1849 .A75 2017

Products liability law / David G. Owen

Third edition - Reserve KF1296 .O935 2015

Second edition - Lower Level KF1296 .O935 2008

Real estate finance law / Grant S. Nelson, Dale A. Whitman, Ann M. Burkhart, R. Wilson Freyermuth

Sixth edition - Reserve KF695 .N45 2015

Fifth edition - Lower Level KF695 .N45 2007

The Japanese legal system / Colin P.A. Jones, Frank S. Ravitch

Reserve KNX68 .J66 2018

The law of agency and partnership / William A. Gregory

Third edition - Lower Level KF1345 .G74 2001

The law of antitrust : an integrated handbook / Lawrence A. Sullivan, Warren S. Grimes, Christopher L. Sagers

Third edition - Reserve KF1649 .S92 2016

Second edition - Lower Level KF1649 .S92 2006

The law of domestic relations in the United States / Homer H. Clark, Jr., Sanford N. Katz.

First edition - Reserve KF504 .C55 2021

The law of employment discrimination / Sandra F. Sperino

Reserve KF3464 .S67 2019

The law of federal income taxation / Joshua D. Rosenberg and Dominic L. Daher

Reserve KF6369 .R673 2008

The law of modern payment systems / Frederick H. Miller, Alvin C. Harrell

Second edition - Lower Level KF957 .M547 2017

First edition - Lower Level KF957 .M547 2003

The law of property / William B. Stoebuck, Dale A. Whitman

Third edition - Lower Level KF570 .C86 2000

The law of property : an introductory survey / Sheldon F. Kurtz, Thomas P. Gallanis, Herbert Hovenkamp

Seventh edition - Reserve KF570 .S53 2018

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF570 .S53 2014

The law of securities regulation / Thomas Lee Hazen

Eighth edition - Reserve KF1439 .H39 2021

Seventh edition - Lower Level KF1439 .H39 2017

Uniform commercial code / James J. White [et al.]

Seventh edition - Reserve KF890 .W45 2022

Sixth edition - Lower Level KF890 .W45 2010

White collar crime / Ellen S. Podgor, Peter J. Henning, Jerold H. Israel, Nancy J. King

Second edition - Reserve KF9350 .P629 2018

First edition - Lower Level KF9350 .P629 2013

Wills, trusts, and estates : including taxation and future interests / William M. McGovern, Sheldon F. Kurtz, David M. English, Thomas P. Gallanis

Fifth edition - Reserve KF755 .M34 2017

Fourth edition - Lower Level KF755 .M34 2010