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Minnesota Legal Research

A guide of resources for researching Minnesota law.

What is ...

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) – Attorneys must take Continuing Legal Education courses in order to maintain their license to practice. The CLE system is administered by the State Board of Continuing Legal Education, which approves course for CLE credit and tracks attorney reporting of courses attended. Courses approved for CLE credit may produce accompanying resources such as handouts, outlines, powerpoints and other material provided through the course which can be useful as practice aids.

Minnesota Practice Series – The Minnesota Practice Series is a multi-volume set of titles written by practitioners which focus on the practice of law in Minnesota.

Continuing Legal Education Resources

Keyword search for CLE material in the Warren E. Burger Library collection:



Minnesota CLE Online – Students, faculty and staff may access Minnesota CLE materials online at the Minnesota CLE website. Contact the reference desk for information on setting up an account.

Organizations Offering CLE:

Forms and Formbooks

Minnesota Practice Forms – To find general Minnesota practice forms, enter "Forms (Law)—Minnesota"as a subject search in the Library Catalog.

General Practice Forms – To find general practice forms not specific to Minnesota, enter "forms (law) - United States" as a subject search in the Library Catalog.

Minnesota Topical Forms – To find materials containing forms related to a specific topic in Minnesota law, go Advanced Keyword Search and enter in separate fields: your legal topic, Minnesota, and Forms.

Minnesota Judicial Branch Forms – The Minnesota Court website provides "state-approved court forms free of charge as a public service."

Additional Resources

MInnesota Practice Series

To find a title in the Warren E. Burger Library collection, enter the title into the catalog search box below.




Minnesota Practice Titles:

  • Administrative Practice and Procedure (v. 21)
  • Appellate Rules Annotated (v. 3)
  • Business Law Deskbook (v. 20, 20A)
  • Business Regulation in Minnesota - Federal (forthcoming)
  • Business Regulation in Minnesota - State (forthcoming)
  • Civil Practice Forms (v. 15, 16)
  • Civil Rules Annotated (v. 1, 1A, 2, 2A)
  • Collections Handbook (v. 26)
  • Corporation Law and Practice (v. 18, 19)
  • Courtroom Handbook of Minnesota Evidence (v. 11A)
  • Criminal Law and Procedure (v. 7, 8, 9, 9A)
  • Elements of an Action (v. 28)
  • Employment Law and Practice (v. 17)
  • Evidence (v. 11)
  • Family Law (v. 14)
  • General Rules of Practice Annotated (v. 3A)
  • Insurance Law and Practice (v. 22)
  • Insurance Statutes (v. 22A)
  • Juvenile Law and Practice (v. 12, 13)
  • Methods of Practice: Civil Advocacy (v. 5)
  • Methods of Practice (v. 5A, 6, 6A)
  • Minnesota DWI Handbook (v. 31)
  • Minnesota Employment Laws (v. 17A)
  • Minnesota Jury Instruction Guides: Civil (CIVJIG) (v. 4, 4A)
  • Minnesota Jury Instruction Companion Handbook: Civil (v. 4B)
  • Minnesota Jury Instruction Guides: Criminal (CRIMJIG) (v. 10, 10A)
  • Minnesota Motions in Limine (v. 29)
  • Minnesota Probate Deskbook (v. 24)
  • Minnesota Real Estate Laws (v. 25A, 25B)
  • Products Liability Law (v. 27)
  • Real Estate Law (v. 25)
  • Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions (v. 30)
  • Trial Handbook for Minnesota Lawyers (v. 23)
  • General Index