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Minnesota Legal Research: Introduction

A guide of resources for researching Minnesota law.

Guide Outline

Below is a brief explanation of the type of material you will find under each tab of this research guide.

Legislature/Statutes – contains links to the Minnesota State Legislature website and resources for researching the state constitution, laws, statutes, and current legislation.

Courts/Cases – contains links to the Minnesota Judicial Branch and specific court websites, and information about resources for finding opinions, briefs, and other materials related to the judicial process.

Agencies/Regulations – contains links to guides on the rulemaking process in Minnesota, the Minnesota State Register and Minnesota Rules, and several listings of Minnesota State Agencies.

Practice Tools – contains links to or information about Continuing Legal Education materials, the Minnesota Practice set, and forms and formbooks.

Law Libraries – contains links to the state, county, and academic law libraries in Minnesota.


Welcome to the Warren E. Burger Library research guide for Minnesota Legal Research.  This guide is intended as a starting point for your research; for additional help, please contact the Research & Instructional Librarians.

Minnesota Legal Research Guides

  • A Bibliography of Minnesota Legal Documents compiled by Deborah K. Hackerson. An update to a 1986 bibliography, Guide to Minnesota State Documents and Selected Law-Related Materials, compiled by Marsha L. Baum and Mary Ann Nelson, this bibliography covers the three branches of government, along with selected treatises and periodicals, and Minnesota law libraries.
  • Minnesota Legal Research Guide by John Tessner, Brenda Wolfe, George R. Jackson. This 2002 publication is the second edition of a research guide originally published in 1985 by Arlette M. Soderberg and Barbara L. Golden.
  • Minnesota Legal Research by Suzanne Thorpe. Published in 2010, this research guide contains the following chapters:  The process of legal research, Approaches for finding and using resources, Secondary sources, Constitutional law, Statutory law, Legislative history, Administrative law, Case law, How to research case law, Rules of court and rules of professional responsibility.

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Database Access Information

Some resources in this guide are Mitchell Hamline School of Law licensed databases. These are available to students, faculty, and staff either with a network login or individual password. Many of them are also available to the public from the computers in the library, as well as through computers signed into the college's wireless network.

WestlawNext, Lexis Advance, and Bloomberg Law are subscription services that require users to have individual user accounts for access. This guide does not always note when the specific sources and resources listed are available on these services. If you have a subscription to any of them, you may wish to check there for these materials.