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Minnesota Legal Research

A guide of resources for researching Minnesota law.

Print Research : West's Case Law Reporting System

The West Key Number System organizes American Law into over 400 topics. These topics are divided into narrower subtopics which are identified by key numbers.

To find cases on a specific legal issue, start with the Digest (which is like an index to the cases) for the jurisdiction you are researching. Locate the Descriptive Word Index volumes (usually at the end of the digest title) and look up your issue. You will be directed to one or more topics and key numbers associated with that issue.

Look up those topics and key numbers in the main volumes of the digest title, and there you will see annotations and citations to the opinions from cases on that issue.

The case opinions written by the court are found in Reporters. Reporters maybe contain cases from a particular jurisdiction, a region of the country, or a particular topic area.

Print Resources for Minnesota Case Law

Digests and Reporters

Minnesota Courts

Appellate Courts

District (Trial) Courts

Executive Branch Courts

Additional Resources

Online Resources for Minnesota Case Law



Case Tracking Resources

Practictioner Resources