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Law Reviews & Journals: Research and Publishing Guide

A guide with information on resources for cite checks, Bluebooking, writing, and publishing articles.

Introduction to this LibGuide

Welcome to the Warren E. Burger Library LibGuide for Law Reviews and Journals at Mitchell Hamline School of Law.  Whether you're researching a complex legal issue, trying to track down an obscure resource, or cite checking an article, the Research and Instructional Librarians can help take the guesswork out of your law review and journal activities.

This guide provides suggestions and resources to aid you in your research and citation work, and it also includes library policies and procedures unique to the library/journal relationship. This guide includes references to electronic, print, and free online resources. Electronic resources include those available on Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law, other subscription databases, and open web pages.  Print resources include books, journals, and other materials available from the Warren E. Burger Library.

This guide is intended as a starting point for your research; please contact the research librarians for further help.

Law Review Write-On: Case Note Research & Bluebook Tips Presentation

This is the video and PowerPoint presented at the 2018 MHSL Law Review Write-on session on How to Research for a Case Note. While some of the specific resources may have been updated, they are still available to find the materials discussed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a Research Librarian for guidance.