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Careers in Government & Public Service Resources

Resources for those interested in serving in government and NGOs that support government programs


Many of Mitchell's students pursue a career in public service by working in government.

This research guide is designed to complement the Government Practice Pathway which aids students in choosing classes that will prepare them for a career in public service.

As our society becomes more complex, agencies play a central role in managing our economy, natural resources and protecting public safety.

Government agencies play an increasing role in our lives and a vast literature cover this practice area.

This guide will introduce you to some of the resources useful for government practice, but we encourage you to consult a reference librarian to find resources tailored to your research query.


This research guide contains an overview of administrative law and specific resources relevant to these topics:

Growth of the Administrative State

Scholars continue to debate the pros and cons of increasing government regulation, but no one questions that the government increasingly plays a role in protecting the public health and welfare. Scholarly treatments of these new developments in government practices include the following: