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Mitchell Hamline Symposiums

Speaker: Barbara (Bob-e) Simpson Epps

Barbara (Bob-e) Simpson Epps has spent a lifetime working to enhance the operations and effectiveness of organizations in both the public and private sectors. Deeply committed to strong, healthy and resilient communities, she has used her expertise to build and sustain diverse environments.

Believing in the richness each voice brings to any conversation, situation or need Bob-e seeks to engage all in conversations leading to the extraction of knowledge, wisdom and reflection of self and others.

Bob-e engages others in creating system-wide, community-based and culturally specific approaches to address systemic and structural racism. She is adept at utilizing the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion to create pathways for growth and sustainable change. Trained as a trauma specialist using the Adverse Childhood Experiences study Bob-e continues to work with those impacted by historical trauma. Bob-e has worked tirelessly to create compassionate systems to connect communities to and build more trustworthy relationships.  Her work focuses on engaging community at its deepest level. She consistently works with members of underrepresented communities to include African American, American Indian, Latina, Hmong, Laotian, Somali, Ethiopian, Liberian, Nigerian and new immigrants.