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Well being resources for the Mitchell Hamline Community.

Defining Lawyer Well-being

Diagram of lawyer wellbeing areas including emotional, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, physical, social

Adapted from the 2017 National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being published by the ABA.


Aspects of Emotional Well-being
  • Recognizing the importance of emotions
  • Developing the ability to identify and manage our own emotions to support mental health, achieve goals, and inform decision-making
  • Seeking help for mental health when needed
Three women with their arms around each other
Resources for Emotional Well-being


Aspects of Occupational Well-being
  • Cultivating personal satisfaction, growth, and enrichment in work
  • Financial stability
Supreme Court building
Resources for Occupational Well-being


Aspects of Intellectual Well-being
  • Engaging in continuous learning and the pursuit of creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development
  • Monitoring cognitive wellness
open laptops, two pairs of hand working on a project
Resources for Intellectual Well-being


Aspects of Spiritual Well-being
  • Developing a sense of meaningfulness and purpose in all aspects of life
Maze on the beach
Resources for Spiritual Well-being


Aspects of Physical Well-being
  • Striving for regular physical activity, proper diet and nutrition, sufficient sleep, and recovery
  • Minimizing the use of addictive substances
  • Seeking help for physical health when needed
Bowl of soup
Resources for Physical Well-being

Walking desks: There are two walking desks located in the library.

Yoga: Classes are on Mondays at 2:30 p.m. CST.  Check the Docket for details.


Aspects of Social Well-being
  • Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support network while also contributing to our groups and community
woman with flannel scarf holding a cup of coffee

Resources for Social Well-being