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The Constitution and President Trump's Executive Agenda

About This Guide

This bibliography was written by former Library Directory Barb Kallusky  to support the information presented at the Panel Discussion, “The Constitution and President Trump's Executive Agenda,” on November 8, 2017 at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Students may want to print the PDF version of the bibliography for future reference. If you have any questions about how to find any of the materials referenced in this Lib Guide, please contact any of the research librarians.


Executive Orders - Generally

Executive Orders: J.Q.Adams – Trump, The American Presidency Project,

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Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities and federal funds: Interpreting Trump’s executive order,

Legal Theories for Sanctuary Cities,

Erwin Chemerinsky, The Constitutionality of Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities, 40 L.A. Law. 60, (2017).

County of Santa Clara v. Trump, No. 17-cv-00485-WHO, Document 98, (04/25/17).

Immigration and DACA

Border Enforcement

American Immigration Council (AIC), "A Primer on Expedited Removal", February 2017 -

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), "Alien Smuggling: What it is and how it can Affect Immigrants", July 2017

Washington Post, "Sessions Calls on Congress to Tighten Rules for Asylum", October 12, 2017,


Interior Enforcement

American Immigration Council (AIC), "Summary of Executive Order "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States", May 19, 2017

Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Hennepin Sherrif's Cooperation with ICE Raises Outcry", July 26, 2017



DACA, the DREAM Act and undocumented immigrants: A primer for journalists,

Research Guide (DACA):

American Immigration Council (AIC), "The DREAM Act, DACA and Other Policies Designed to Protect Dreamers", September 2017


Buy American/Hire American & H-1B Petitions

New York Times, "Trump Signs Order That Could Lead to Curbs on Foreign Workers", April 18, 2017

Reuters, "Trump Administration Red Tape Tangles up Visas for Skilled Foreigners, Data Shows", September 20, 2017


Travel Ban

Executive Order 13769, Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,

Executive Order 13780, Executive Order Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States,

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Caroline Ostrom, George C. Maxwell, Take Two: President Trump’s suspect March 6 Travel Ban Order, 74 Bench & B. Minn. 37 (2017).

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Free Press

Stephen. F. Rohde, Presidential Power vs. Free Press, 40 L.A. Law. 26 (2017).


Seth Barrett Tillman, Business Transactions and President Trump’s Emoluments Problem, 40 Harv. J. L & Pub. Pol’y. 759 (2017).

Twenty-Fifth Amendment

Kenneth Raj, The President’s Mental Health, 31 Am. J. L. & Med. 509 (2005).

John D. Feerick, The Twenty-Fifth Amendment: An Explanation and Defense, 30 Wake Forest L. Rev. 481 (1995).