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Contracts: Transactional Law

Legal resources related to contract law generally.

LibGuide Outline

Laws & Regs discusses the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which has been adopted by all 50 states (with minor changes) and is collected in the resource the Uniform Laws Annotated (ULA). 

Cases suggests using ULA to begin researching the case law interpreting the UCC.

Legal Commentary contains links to works introducing contract law as well as learned treatises that cover contracts in great detail.

Study Aids contains links to additional helpful resources for those studying contracts and are primarily aimed at first year law students.

Federal and International has links to resources related to federal contracting and procurement law as well as international contracts for the sales of goods.

Practice Tools contains links to resources with information related to contract form books.

Introduction to Contracts and Commercial Law

Contracts are fundamental to the Anglo-American legal system and involve reciprocal promises to act. There is an extensive body of law regarding contract drafting and enforceability.

Contracts are a means to an end and are used in a wide variety of business transactions.

For instance, in the real estate context, an apartment lease is a simple contract while a "contract for deed" is a contract to sell a house.

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Database Access Information

Some resources in this guide are Mitchell Hamline School of Law licensed databases. These are available to students, faculty, and staff either with a network login or individual password. Many of them are also available to the public from the computers in the library, as well as through computers signed into the school's wireless network.

Bloomberg Law, Westlaw Edge, and Lexis Advance are subscription services that require users to have individual accounts for access.